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Are You Doing Your Part?

KARSP members around the state volunteer many, many hours every year. Last year the total was over 8,800,000 hours. Are you doing your part? Have you found some interesting volunteer work you enjoy doing?

Russ Hutchins, Lawrence, certainly sets a goal that challenges the rest of us. He volunteers at the hospital as an escort every Monday for four hours. He works for Habitat for Humanity every Tuesday from 9 to 3. On Fridays from 8 to 2 he delivers blood for the Community Blood Center. Russ helps at the Trinity Lutheran Food Pantry on one Tuesday a month from 2 to 4. Also he teaches the AARP Driver Safety classes. He has four classes a year for eight hours and each one is two days long.

Russ certainly sets an example for the rest of us. He has regular jobs that he does each week, but some people would rather work various jobs on various days and work various hours. Whatever works for you is fine. We just need to keep our minds and bodies busy as much as we can while helping other people. Whatever volunteer work you do, please keep track for one year. That year could be from January to December or May through April. Your hours need to be turned in to the Volunteer Coordinator in May. If you haven't kept track of your hours so far, please estimate them. We need every hour to show the governor and the legislators how much money we save the state with our volunteer hours.

Happy Volunteering!