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Board Meeting MInutes




JUNE 26, 2020


Present:  Jerry Henn, Dianne Sisk, Kay Sewell, Thomas Alstrom, Betsy Zadorozny, Becky Isom, Mike Isom, Jane Martin, Ernie Claudel, Perry McCabe, Pam Bristow, Karen Pulaski, Elrea Mullen, Gary Carson, Dee Schwinn, Kell Smalley, Nancy Sapp, Priscilla Taggart, Jay Brown, Gil Bunning


Elrea Mullen, President, opened the meeting at 9:30 a.m. and Mike Isom, Vice President, led the flag salute.


Elrea welcomed board members, Jay Brown and Kell Smalley who were connected for our first ZOOM meeting.


Dee Schwinn made and Kay Sewell seconded a motion to approve the agenda with changes.  Motion carried.


Ernie Claudel made and Jane Martin seconded a motion to approve the January, 2020, board meeting minutes with corrections.  Motion carried.


Tom Alstrom, Treasurer, presented the Treasurer’s Report and the proposed 2021 Budget Report.


Dee Schwinn made and Kay Sewell seconded a motion to approve the proposed 2021 Budget.  Motion carried.


Ernie Claudel made and Perry McCabe seconded a motion to accept Treasurer’s report.  Motion carried.


Jerry Henn, Executive Director, has been working with AMBA on the KARSP website to keep members up to date.  The constitution committee will need to meet again.


Priscilla Taggart, Historian, because of the virus has no report.


Perry McCabe, Membership Chair, reported at this time there is a total of membership 3,736.


Ernie Claudel, Legislative Chair, will run for a third term on the KPERS board.  At this point, the KPERS contribution in the budget for KPERS School is still set at the actuarial amount.  Vote for Republicans in the house and senate to carry any COLA bill in the legislature.  KCPR Rally has been canceled for 2021.  The annual KARSP Legislative Meeting has not been scheduled.


Dee Schwinn made and Betsy Zadorozny seconded a motion to approve the Legislative Report.  Motion carried.


Dee Schwinn made and Priscilla Taggart seconded a motion that the KARSP Board endorse Ernie Claudel as a candidate for the KPERS board.  Motion carried.


Dee Schwinn, Meadowlark Editor, received Earth Day activities from units that were still completed even though schools were closed due to the virus, COVID 19.


Mike Isom made and Priscilla Taggart seconded a motion to put the names of the deceased from June 1, 2019, to May 31, 2020, in the Meadowlark.  Motion carried.


Kay Sewell, Community Service Chair, will mail community service certificates to units.  This information will be printed in the Meadowlark. 


Karen Pulaski, Convention Chair, reported the June 2-4, 2021, convention will be in Junction City.  This information will be in the Meadowlark.


Mike Isom made and Karen Pulaski seconded a motion to accept Pam Bristow as District Director 3 and Nancy Sapp as District Director 7.  Motion carried.


Because of the virus, District Directors were unable to personally visit all their units.   They have been using email and the internet to keep in contact with all unit presidents thus their members also.


Mike Isom made and Gil Bunning seconded a motion to present the issue of dues and lifetime membership at the 2021 convention.  Motion carried.


Elrea Mullen reported all 32 local units had started a plan for celebrating Earth Day.  Those units, whose activities were completed after schools were closed due to the virus, will have those activities highlighted in the Meadowlark.


The October, 1-2, 2020, board meeting will be at ESSDAK in Hutchinson.


Gary Carson reported on the KARSP Foundation.  Gale Seibert will replace Fred Miller on the Foundation board.  He will assume the position of Treasurer as Elaine Taylor had to resign.  There will be an auction at the 2021 convention. 


Elrea Mullen, President, adjourned the meeting at 11:46 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Dianne Sisk, Secretary