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Board Meeting MInutes




OCTOBER 2, 2020


Present:  Dianne Sisk, Jerry Henn, Elrea Mullen, Priscilla Taggart, Mike Isom, Tom Alstrom, Beccy Isom, Gil Bunning, Pam Bristow, Betsy Zadorozny, Jane Martin, Nancy Sapp, Perry McCabe, Dee Schwinn, Ernie Claudel, Jay Brown

Absent:  Karen Pulaski, Gary Carson, Kay Sewell, Jay Rowh

Elrea Mullen, President, opened the meeting at 9:00 a.m. and Mike Isom, Vice President led the flag salute.

Priscilla Taggart made and Gil Bunning seconded a motion to approve the agenda with changes.  Motion carried.

Mike Isom made and Jane Martin seconded a motion to approve the June 26, 2020, board meeting minutes with changes.  Motion carried. 

Ernie Claudel made Gil Bunning seconded a motion to approve the 2020 Treasurer’s Report.  Motion carried 

Jerry Henn, Executive Director reported he is concerned with local units not being able to meet due to the virus.  If contacted, Jerry can set up a Zoom meeting for any local unit.  He would also be able to attend those meetings.  Contact his cell number, 913 238 6645.  He has received many positive responses for not raising dues. 

Nancy Sapp made and Mike Isom seconded a motion to approve the Executive Director’s Report.  Motion carried.

Priscilla Taggart, Past President/Historian, gave a report.  

Perry McCabe, Membership Chair, reported at this time there is a total of 3,035 active members.  This number constantly changes as dues are reported.  We continue to acquire new members through AMBA

Ernie Claudel made Jane Martin seconded a motion to accept the Membership Report.  Motion carried. 

Ernie Claudel, Legislative Chair, gave his report.  He presented the 2020 KARSP Legislative Platform.  Ernie would like endorsements for the KPERS Board.  Election is in April.  There will be no rally in Topeka in January due to the virus.  Encourage members to vote and research which candidates are likely to support KPERS and a COLA.

Mike Isom made and Priscilla Taggart seconded a motion to accept The Legislative Report.  Motion Carried.

Jerry Henn has been working with Dr. Weaver, Emporia State, on a letter to the editor to be sent to newspapers throughout the state.   

Dee Schwinn made and Nancy Sapp seconded a motion the KARSP Board supports this letter to the editor to be sent out to newspapers across the state.  Motion carried. 

Dee Schwinn, Meadowlark Editor, gave her report.  She encourages units to submit articles to her for the Meadowlark.  

Priscilla Taggart made and Mike Isom seconded a motion to accept the Meadowlark Report.  Motion carried.

Kay Sewell, Committee Service Chair, was absent.

Presently, the 2021 convention will be in Junction City, at the Marriott Courtyard, June 2-4. 

District Director 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 gave reports.  The majority of the local units have not been able to meet because of the virus.  The District Directors continue to keep in contact with their units by email.  They will encourage their units to set up Zoom meetings through Jerry Henn.

Elrea Mullen and Mike Isom withdrew their motion to change the motto 

Nancy Sapp made Dee Schwinn seconded a motion the KARSP motto will be, To Enhance Retirement.  Motion carried.

Members of a Constitution Committee will be:  Mike Isom, Priscilla Taggart, Nancy Sapp, Jerry Henn, Gil Bunning, and Elrea Mullen. 

Ernie Claudel reminded us of the importance of getting people to vote in November.

The next Board meeting will be January 28-29, 2021, at ESSDACK in Hutchinson.

2021 Earth Day activities will be added to January board meeting agenda.

The establishing of new local units will be added to the January agenda.

Elrea Mullen, President, adjourned meeting at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dianne Sisk, Secretary